Angon Fruits (JDK)

Angon Fruits (JDK)


Packhouse productivity experts MARCO have installed a new smart weighing and packing system at JDK’s new packhouse facility in Northern Paarl. JDK, one of South Africa’s leading supplier of table grapes, commissioned MARCO to install two packing lines incorporating state of the art weighing and labelling technology. The aim of the installation was to allow Angon to efficiently produce consistently packed punnets and boxes with minimal overpack, ensuring they maximised their harvest yield of table grapes season after season.

JDK opted to install a full MARCO grape packing solution, consisting of MARCO’s flagship Trac-IT Yield Control Module. The system is a combination of hardware and software with a proven record of reducing labour, overpack and increasing packhouse productivity by 30%. For the hardware side, the management at JDK opted to utilise MARCO’s CheckMaster smart scales. Complete with RFID login, each station feeds back data in real-time to a central MARCO DataMaster PC. From here, JDK’s managers can see, in real-time, exactly what is happening on their factory floor. Information included within the data is pack speed per operator along with each individual item weighed. Each weighed item is then logged and future pack sizes are automatically adjusted by the software to ensure the whole batch conforms to a pre-set average, this is what eradicates JDK’s overpack for the entire facility.

JDK also opted for a full end-of-line system complete with a high-speed labeller and check weigher. The single-head labeller is capable of labelling at speeds of 180ppm with an automatic sensor for reel run-outs. The Checkweigher ensures total compliance for JDK’s exportation of table grapes to supermarkets worldwide. It includes an innovative reject system designed to reject punnets quickly and accurately to then be reworked by the operators.

As well as a MARCO Trac-IT Yield Control solution JDK also bolstered their packhouse with MARCO’s Production Data Display Module. This solution uses a high definition LED 65” efficiency screen to display live production data as well as technical and quality control videos. This ensures all workers are informed and continually reminded how to pack the grapes to JDK’s specification ensuring they produce a consistently packed product. It also drives productivity as operators can monitor their performance against their co-workers.

For more information on this type of installation or the products involved please contact a member of MARCO’s business development team,, +44 (0)1732 782380

Download a copy of the Case Study as a PDF.