Nutricia Liverpool

Nutricia Liverpool

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MARCO has designed and commissioned an extensive factory automation system for medical nutrition specialists Nutricia Liverpool at their stunning new manufacturing facility. The MARCO Trac-IT system, which is a blend of bespoke software and hardware, plays a pivotal supervisory and process management role throughout the manufacturing and packing processes within the new factory. With origins dating back to 1879, Nutricia Liverpool specialises in Advanced Medical Nutrition for use in dietary support, nutritional support and disease-targeted nutrition in the treatment of medical conditions as diverse as cows’ milk allergy, Alzheimer’s and Crohn’s disease.

Working in conjunction with the Nutricia ERP system, MARCO Trac-IT manages the execution of factory floor processes including stock control, recipe control, packing and labelling of finished product. The new system supersedes the manual paper-driven process in operation at the previous Nutricia plant and full electronic traceability is an inherent part of the MARCO solution.

Nutricia Liverpool’s MIS manager Phil McCready is delighted with the MARCO system and as he explains: “We have experienced significant year on year growth over the past five years and this has given us the confidence and justification to invest in the new plant. We recognised from the outset that we needed to harness the power of real-time data from the factory floor and the MARCO system plays an integral role in this.”

MARCO have extensive experience in maximising the effectiveness of ERP systems for international brand names through the delivery of crucial factory floor operational data. By ‘making sense’ of ERP, the MARCO Trac-It Data Exchange Module provides dynamic brand protection, thereby ensuring companies optimise their quality and profitability.

As Phil McCready concludes:

“We are now empowered to fully manage our processes and we believe our new plant is the most up to date and efficient nutrition manufacturing facility in Europe. We have to meet strict international nutritional supplement manufacturing guidelines (GMP) and the combination of MARCO Trac-IT together with our own production controls ensure our products are of the highest quality and consistency. MARCO’s attention to detail has been exemplary throughout the project and their engineers continue to work closely with the Nutricia team to ensure the resulting plant operates without compromise.”

To find out more about MARCO’s systems streamline the production process and provide complete factory control, please contact a member of the MARCO team,,+44 (0)1732 782380

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