International Flavours and Fragrances

International Flavours and Fragrances

International Flavours and Fragrances, as well as its predecessor companies, have been in the flavour and fragrance manufacturing business since 1833. The multinational has sales, manufacturing and creative facilities in 31 countries worldwide, and is a leading creator and manufacturer of flavours and fragrances used in a wide variety of consumer products as diverse as fine fragrances, toiletries, soaps, detergents, beverages and food products. MARCO has developed a strong working relationship with the company as their go-to partner for their formulation and filling systems, designed to provide high levels of automation and generate useful production data to improve IFF’s factory processes.

Their own mission statement is succinct but highly focussed: IFF is dedicated to ‘The Pursuit of Excellence’ in every area of its business, using knowledge, creativity, innovation and technology to continually provide customers with the highest quality products, service and superior consumer understanding. Over the past few years, MARCO and IFF have developed a close and very successful working relationship. The MARCO systems and smart weighing equipment have evolved through understanding the client’s business and a joint desire for perfection in manufacturing.

The MARCO systems are integrated with IFF’s global SAP ERP installation, with MARCO Trac-IT acting as a ‘Thin Client’ to SAP. This ensures real-time data from the factory floor is used to best effect within SAP to provide a ‘measure, control and improve’ environment that can provide full traceability and react rapidly to changing business requirements. However, the weight-based systems provide far more than just recipe formulation and establish the perfect base for the procedural control of other business-critical functions, including vessel cleaning control, stock utilisation and stock replenishment.

There is no doubt that both IFF and their customers are benefiting from the level of control that MARCO Trac-IT has brought to the operators. Toine Blankers from IFF had this to say about the successful installation;

“MARCO Trac-IT, in combination with the mobile workstations, allows us to securely ‘pour where we store’. MARCO personnel continue to take the time to listen and understand our requirements. This ability together with the enthusiasm, ingenuity and innovation is ensuring ongoing success.”

To find out more about MARCO’s high-specification formulation and filling systems, please contact one of MARCO’s sales engineers,, +44 (0)1732 782380

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