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The Karsten Group, one of South Africa’s largest growers, packers and exporters of grapes, is the latest company to reap the benefits of a MARCO Yield Control System (YCM), installed at their pack house near Koneneiland.

Grape packing requires a blend of speed, dexterity and care to ensure pack quality is maintained and weights are within packing legislation. The YCM deskills the packing process and ensures punnets are maintained within very close tolerances. As they pass down the packing line, the weights of pre-packed punnets are individually checked at the YCM workstations, staggered either side of the line, to see if they are under-weight, over-weight or within tolerance. The operatives then adjust punnets accordingly by adding or removing fruit.

Although only commissioned in the latter part of 2011, the multi-station system is already bringing significant improvements to the grape packing line, reducing over-pack (giveaway), improving productivity and reducing labour overheads. Collectively this is contributing directly to our bottom line profitability and is expected to provide a return on investment within 4-6 months.

Pieter Karsten Jnr – Group Director

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