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Tomatoes at Le Jardin de Rabelais marco customer case study

Le Jardin de Rabelais is the latest tomato producer to realise the productivity benefits of a MARCO YCM Yield Control pack house system at their Avoine operation in the Loire Valley, central France. Specialising in cherry and vine tomatoes, Le Jardin de Rabelais grow and pack products seven days a week, all year round.

The YCM system installed at Avoine, consisting of eight LineMaster weigh-pack stations and twenty table scales, also includes a high speed labelling system and end of line soft accumulator conveyor. Pack houses around the world have achieved exceptional productivity improvements of up to 30% by installing YCM systems. The YCM effectively deskills the manual packing operation, reducing waste and virtually eliminating giveaway/overpack. This directly translates into improved profitability and rapid return on investment for the MARCO system.

The high speed manual packing of tomatoes presents a number of challenges. MARCO’s YCM has overcome these for our operation and the uplift of productivity has made a significant improvement to our packing operation.

Pascal Delahaye – MD

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