New York Bakery (Grupo Bimbo)

New York Bakery (Grupo Bimbo)

New York Bakery Company MARCO customer case study pouring onto datamaster weighing scale

MARCO Limited has installed the first stage of a Trac-IT Manufacturing Execution System to accompany the pre-existing Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module, for Grupo Bimbo at their new plant near Rotherham. Grupo Bimbo are one of the world’s largest bakery companies with operations around the world. Their filling and packing systems at the site are responsible for all UK production for one of the company’s largest brands, New York Bakery Co.

The Trac-IT system plays a key role in New York Bakery’s Six Sigma ‘doing things right’ philosophy at the site, focussed on quantitatively understanding and consistently meeting critical customer needs by minimising waste throughout the entire value chain. With a capacity of over 60,000 fresh and frozen bagels an hour, the company is Europe’s largest producer of this iconic American snack, supplying all the major supermarkets and retail outlets with private and New York Bagel Co-branded goods.

Trac-IT MES starts work when raw materials arrive at the facility. Here all goods are checked in against outstanding orders and labelled. The system automatically checks that the supplier is approved and that the use-by date is appropriate. The system generates a barcode for each individually packed product and pallet module. Stacked items are stored in ‘use by’ date order so that the products for current use are at the bottom of the racks as part of the strict FIFO (First In, First Out) regime. Any de-boxing is recorded within the system ensuring a traceability continuum, throughout.

The next stage of the project will integrate the bulk flour and water weighing systems as well as further integration with New York Bakery Co’s ERP software system. This integration allows for minimal downtime between an order being placed and the beginning of its production. As all MARCO’s software is written in house, the system is able to seamlessly integrate with any higher-level business system (such as Grupo Bimbo’s Enterprise Resource Planning system). This also ensures total traceability from when the order is placed to when it leaves the production facility.

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Download a copy of the Case Study as a PDF.