Nicofruit, a fresh produce company based in southern Italy was founded in 1994 and is a traditional family-run business. Made up of over 30 partners cultivating over 400 hectares of land, Nicofruit grows, harvests, and packs a variety of products including table grapes, strawberries and stone fruit. Nicofruit signed a brand new deal with MARCO to build a state of the art packing line with accurate smart weighing systems and live data reporting. This multipurpose line, packing both cases and punnets along a complex conveyor system, features palletisers, flow wrap machines and case packing positions.

Nicofruit has chosen MARCO as their partners, in a bid to create one of the most modern, innovative packing facilities in Italy. After detailed discussions, a bespoke packing line was designed to fit their facilities specifications featuring a quad deck conveyor system, flanked by smart weighing scales. The scales will operate MARCO’s award-winning Trac-IT Yield Control Module (YCM). The software solution increases productivity within packhouses by 30% through increasing pack speeds, reducing overpack as well as labour.

Nicofruit’s managing director Alessandro Tristano was immensely positive about the design process and future installation;

“We can’t wait to start working with MARCO. This line has great potential for us to pack our fruit in the most efficient way possible.”

The Nicofruit installation consisted of MARCO’s Twin CheckMaster workstations operating with MARCO’s Trac-IT Yield Control Module. Widely used throughout the fresh produce industry, the system consistently improves productivity by 30%. This is achieved primarily through a combination of an increase in pack speed and reduction in overpack.  The system is also proven to reduce labour requirements by 50%, leading to increased profitability for MARCO’s clients such as Nicofruit.

MARCO CEO, Murray Hilborne was equally pleased to begin the partnership with Nicofruit;

“Nicofruit are a brilliant company, who have been around a long time and really know their fruit. We can’t wait to become their packing partners for the upcoming season.”

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