All our scales are approved by weights and measures boards across the globe. This means that you can legally declare the weights of packed produce secure in the knowledge that this will be accepted by your trading partners – no matter where in the world.

Self Verification

Along with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, MARCO has full EC verification (90/384EEC) awarded by the National Measurement Office.

This ensures that following any adjustments or repairs made, on or off-site, our engineers are certified to re-verify the weighing system reinstating its ‘legal for trade’ status.  This removes the need to call in local weights and measures inspectors reducing costs and system down time. This guarantees that all equipment is returned to active service without delay.


BSI TickIT Certification

Marco has achieved the prestigious BSI TickIT certification for the development and production of our business critical software. TickIT ensures that the highest levels of expertise and quality are consistently applied at each stage in the very specific disciplines of software production.

TickIT is recognised by all government departments and major purchasers in the UK and is compatible with European requirements for accredited quality system certification.

Systems Certification:
  • NTEP – for the USA
  • NAWI – for Europe
  • CSA – for Canada
  • OIML R76 – for Europe, South America and Africa
  • NMI S720 – for Australia
  • OIML R76/2006 – for New Zealand
  • IND/13/16/363 – for India

Safety Standards:
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) – Electrical approval for the USA
  • CE – Entire product safety for Europe
  • CSA – Electrical approval for Canada