The flavours and fragrances industries use complex recipe formulation practices to create intricate blends of scents and tastes for consumers. MARCO’s range of Trac-IT software has been specifically designed to optimise the manufacturing processes and increase the efficiency of your production facility. Our systems connect the production process from the initial intake of raw materials through to the end of process packaging with complete traceability and control throughout. Our Recipe Formulation Module (RFM) drives our solutions in the flavours and fragrances industries, and is specifically designed for complex recipe formulation, delivering a perfect balance of efficient manufacturing and flexible production. Our systems have been designed to connect to your existing enterprise resource planning and SAP systems to provide bi-directional interfaces for full traceability.


MARCO’s Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module (RFM) simplifies the existing complex recipe formulation processes, increases stock tracking and improves the overall management insight inside production facilities. Operators compounding products are visually guided through the production process with full control and oversight to confirm correct procedures are followed throughout. Managers are able to control recipes and processes through the RFM system to ensure recipe protection. When possible, the automatic batch adjustment safeguarding feature of our RFM system can protect against wasted batches. Additionally, our RFM systems come with a stock control solution providing full traceability of raw materials in your production facility. Using raw material consumption data from the compounding process, stock levels are updated to provide full stock oversight. To reduce waste even further, stock control solution operators can observe ‘First in First out’ procedures to ensure no raw materials expire or are misplaced.


Another element of the Trac-IT suite is MARCO’s Goods Received Module (GRM). This system provides full goods intake control, with all raw materials coming into the facility tracked and recorded against each pre-approved supplier. Upon arrival all raw materials are tracked and assigned a storage location for full traceability and complete management oversight. Furthermore, our Data Exchange Module (DEM) can be included in our solutions to provide a vital link between the office and production floor. Work orders, stock levels and recipes can be transferred to optimise communication.

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Benefits of MARCO systems in the flavours and fragrances industries

  1. Reduce giveaway to below 1%
  2. Reduce waste
  3. Increase productivity
  4. Recipe protection
  5. Traceability
  6. Stock control / management / visibility
  7. Integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) system

Our Sales Engineers offer initial online meetings, to take guide you through your first steps towards improved productivity safely. We also provide full online training on all systems and our Global 365 programme provides round-the-clock support and assistance around the globe, 365 days a year to maximise your business continuity.

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International Flavours and Fragrances

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Electronically manage all recipe formulation processes accurately and consistently.

Full traceability of raw material coming into the facility

Connect with ERP & SAP systems to provide bi-directional interfaces for full traceability