Convenience food or Food on the Go (FOTG) is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. To ensure food manufacturers keep up with this demand it is vital to have a productive and efficient manufacturing and food packing process. This is what MARCO aims to provide through our Trac-IT suite of modules and food weighing and packing equipment. These systems allow our clients to have total control of their manufacturing/packing process from the initial order of raw materials, through to labelling, warehouse management, transport and invoicing.

Recipes such as sandwiches and ready meals are formed from a variety of ingredients, meaning across the packing line there is a variety of hardware charged with performing each different task. Product changes in these cases can be slow and labour intensive. MARCO’s Line Control Module (LCM) is ideally suited to speed up this process within food manufacturing operations, allowing for a ‘one-click’ set-up of all hardware on the packing line.

Whilst automation is widespread within food manufacturing, vital parts of the formulation process still rely on manual dexterity. MARCO’s Yield Control Module (YCM) featuring our LineMaster Takeaway workstations is responsible for reducing overpack to below 1%, whilst also greatly increasing productivity and line speed. This is achieved through precise and accurate portion control, with target weights being consistently updated in real-time.

LCM and YCM can be combined with other MARCO modules to form our full factory efficiency system. This off-the-shelf Manufacturing Execution System (MES)  can be fully integrated to existing business systems and provides a full, fit-for-purpose solution for your packing facility from goods-in to goods-out. This system has been implemented for small domestic operations as well as large multinational, FTSE 100 companies. To read more about our installations within the food manufacturing industry please feel free to view the case studies below.

Food on the go Case Studies

Greggs bread baked goods industry


MARCO’s Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module is helping leading UK bakery group Greggs plc meet the rap
Greencore Greencore customer case study using Marco workstations


The MARCO Trac-IT Yield Control Module, which forms an integral part of MARCO’s award-winning Trac-I
Bakkavor Chicken Korma weighing scales Bakkavor MARCO case study


Factory productivity specialists MARCO have installed a ground-breaking factory automation solution

Common Products for the Food on the go Industry

Real-time data to measure, control and continually improve the packing process

Real-time, site-wide quality control system to expertly manage QA compliance

Industrially-hardened factory and field equipment designed to optimise MARCO Trac-IT software

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