Food on the Go (FOTG) or Convenience food is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. MARCO recognises the challenges faced in this industry and has developed products to help maximise factory efficiency and increase your overall management insight. Our range of MARCO hardware & Trac-IT Software designed for food weighing and packing will optimise your factory operations for complete control from the initial intake of raw materials through to labelling, warehouse management, transport, and invoicing.

Food production for recipes such as sandwiches and ready meals are formed from a variety of different ingredients, across a packing line this can mean a range of hardware all being assigned different roles. MARCO’s Trac-IT Line Control Module (LCM) is essential in speeding up processes within food manufacturing operations. The module allows for simple ‘one button’ set up procedures, reducing labour demands for product changeovers as well as increasing the overall productivity of the line. Once a line has been set-up LCM continues to run performing quality control checks ensuring all products are within date and labelled correctly inline with the specified requirements. This solution ensures the industry requirements are met helping you avoid costly return-to-manufacturer scenarios or emergency product withdrawals.

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MARCO’s Yield Control Module (YCM) solution featuring our LineMaster Takeaway workstations controls the manual processes of your operation where automation cannot. With a proven track record of reducing giveaway to below 1%, increasing productivity and line speeds to vital parts of your operation; you can achieve precise and accurate portion control using a manual process. YCM is constantly adjusting target weights for each operator on the line, eradicating giveaway for the entire operation. Furthermore, YCM allows for operators to optimise changeover time increasing overall productivity and reducing downtime in your facility.

Food on the go manufacturing operations produce a variety of products and recipes, MARCO’s Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module (RFM) has been specifically developed to manage your manual recipe process. This solution deskills the recipe formulation process, guiding operators to ensure each batch is correctly produced removing costly human errors and unnecessary giveaway. Using RFM in your food manufacturing operation increases the speed and precision of the ingredient mixing process whilst providing accurate live weight and stock level data.

MARCO modules used in your food manufacturing facility can be combined to form our full factory efficiency system. This off-the-shelf Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can be fully integrated to existing business systems and provides a full, fit-for-purpose solution for your facility increasing your overall management insight.

Benefits of MARCO systems in the Food on the Go industry

  1. Increase productivity by 30%
  2. Reduce giveaway to below 1%
  3. Reduce labour requirements by up to 50%
  4. Quick return on investment
  5. Increase packing speeds from day one
  6. Increase control and management insight
  7. Quickly adapt to changing market conditions
  8. Changeover time reduction
Food Manufacturing


  • Line Control Module
  • Yield Control Module
  • Data Exchange Module
  • Quality Control Module


  • LineMaster Workstation
  • Checkweigher/Metal Detector
  • Wall Mounted Access Point
  • Thermal Label Printer
  • SelectMaster
  • Super Selector Scale – CWS
  • QC Master
  • BWS Combination Weigher
  • LabelMaster
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Greggs bread baked goods industry


MARCO’s Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module is helping leading UK bakery group Greggs plc meet the rap
Greencore Greencore customer case study using Marco workstations


The MARCO Trac-IT Yield Control Module, which forms an integral part of MARCO’s award-winning Trac-I
Bakkavor Chicken Korma weighing scales Bakkavor MARCO case study


Factory productivity specialists MARCO have installed a ground-breaking factory automation solution

Electronically manage all recipe formulation processes accurately and consistently.

Real-time, site-wide quality control system to expertly manage QA compliance

Industrially-hardened factory and field equipment designed to optimise MARCO Trac-IT software