MARCO Global 365 covers every single step in the customer journey towards improved productivity

MARCO has a diverse customer base spanning over 45 countries and five continents. Founded over 35 years ago we’ve developed solutions alongside our customers to understand their needs and requirements. One common factor our customers share is their accessibility to full MARCO support whenever and wherever they need it 365 days per year. Today the vast majority of our contact is done online, safely and effectively, but we still have MARCO expertise stationed around the world for when it is required. Now, as part of the ATS Group, our reach and expertise has grown to cover almost every corner of the globe.

Our Global 365 programme covers:

1. Finding out more about improved productivity

Our team of Sales Engineers can reach you online for initial meetings, presentations and trials conducted safely through an online platform of your choosing. We are able to demonstrate our products in real time, how easy they are to use and to showcase the measurable benefits we can bring to your operation. Our products have been designed to increase productivity, give you greater control over your facility and increase management insight. We can reach you through a variety of online platforms including Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meets, Skype, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams or any other platform.


2. Installation

With our global network of engineers, we are able to install systems anywhere in the world. Supported by our remote support team in the UK, engineers are able to complete installations successfully with minimal disruptions. All engineers visiting your facility will provide a negative covid test on arrival and observe all measures and safety regulations in place. Installations are completed quickly, successfully and with full MARCO global support.

Covid Screens

3. Training

To get the best results from your system, training is essential for your operators. Our training can all be delivered online in your native language wherever possible, meaning no operators have to leave your facility. Each training course is bespoke and personalised to meet your specific needs. We guide you through your system step-by-step, taking the time to ensure all functions are explained and understood. The outcome from our training is the ability to deliver exceptional results from the first day of use. Trained operators are able to skilfully use MARCO equipment to perform at a higher level to deliver greater efficiencies. For further training or queries, we are available online on any platform to assist you. Training on

4. Support

We provide round-the-clock support, 365 days a year, around the world via our MARCO Hi-Care programme. The majority of our support can be delivered online by our UK support team, who can remotely access your system to efficiently monitor scale performance, perform line refinements, and even perform database repairs. If our remote team is unable to resolve a problem, we have MARCO Field Engineers stationed across the globe who can be on the factory floor quickly to ensure the minimum of disruption to your production continuity.

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