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Our grape packing lines featuring our Trac-IT Yield Control Module (YCM), have been installed by many of the leaders within the table grapes packing industry. Growers and packers of table grapes face a tough challenge in packing the grapes to a consistent pack weight and presentation, whilst also maintaining the quality of the fruit. Therefore, manual packing is seen as the industry standard and MARCO smart scales and weighing devices have been tailored with this in mind.

MARCO’s weighing and packing systems have a proven track record of improving pack house productivity by 30% or more, virtually eliminating overpack, minimising waste, optimising labour resources, and providing pack house wide visibility. See the case studies below to see how MARCO has assisted some of the leaders in the Grapes Industry with their packing operations.

Grape Industry Case Studies

MARCO have installed weighing and packing solutions for growers and packers of table grapes in virtually all major production areas. Regions such as California, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Spain, South Africa, and Italy are all regularly visited by members of our sales team for product demonstrations and site evaluations. During this process the MARCO specialist will pinpoint areas of potential improvement within the packing facility, always ensuring recommendations will integrate with high-performing, existing hardware. Improvements will always be calculated on a Return on Investment basis and demonstrated within the facility beforehand, thus ensuring all updates translate to an increase in productivity for your facility. To get in touch with a member of the MARCO sales team to organise a visit please feel free to contact us below.

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