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MARCO Trac-IT Line Control Module (LCM)

Leading food retailers and supermarkets are insisting on increasingly high levels of customer-driven labelling related information from their suppliers, delivered consistently and always with total accuracy. Most retailers have established comprehensive guidelines for their suppliers relating to a wide range of packaging and labelling issues. However interpreting and implementing these requirements can be a daunting and expensive task. Failure to comply leaves companies vulnerable. Wrongly labelled or packaged products create a financial exposure for the manufacturer that is unsustainable and must be eradicated. Companies need a system to manage this risk automatically so that they police 100% of their production 100% of the time.

The MARCO Line Control Module (LCM) provides manufacturers with a safe and secure ‘setup’ capability for all elements of the packing line. This enables the rapid automated setup of Date Coders, Inline Barcode Scanners (1D and 2D), Printers, Check Weighers and Metal Detectors, all from one selection at a central PC terminal.

The system has been specifically developed to minimise the risk of products being wrongly labelled/packaged or date coded. The system complies with the most recent codes of practice as issued by the major retailers. It automatically checks the whole set-up of the line from one central terminal to ensure there are no errors at the beginning and end of a batch and, most importantly, on a continuous basis throughout the batch run. A key advantage is that it can be implemented as a standalone module within your existing factory structure and will provide a rapid return on investment.

MARCO conveyor belt

The MARCO LCM guarantees:

  • Correct label/packaging
  • Correct printed information
  • Increased levels of traceability
  • Real time line reporting and operator accountability
  • Sustained reduction in QC burden
  • Rapid line setup and product changeover times
  • Elimination of packing rework and ‘Near Misses’
label control bar code scanning ready meal
label control conveyor ready meal

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