Fresh Produce

MARCO has helped it’s clients in the fresh produce industry to reduce overpack and increase productivity in pack houses by 30%, whilst at the same time optimising stock management and improving control and traceability across the whole packing operation.

Convenience Food

MARCO’s precise recipe formulation systems and state of the art semi-automated systems has allowed our clients in the food manufacturing industry to improve productivity and better manage quality control.

Flavours & Fragrances

Outside the food industry MARCO’s products also provide effective formulation control which gives companies within the fragrances industry closer control over the accuracy and consistency of the production process.


The precision and effectiveness of MARCO’s products when assisting with complex recipe formulation can provide huge benefits for those wanting to minimise costly waste, and ensure absolute consistency of potentially dangerous products.


MARCO’s products can be used to give more control over the manual addition of micro ingredients, pre-mixes, sub-batches, and bulk additions, ideal for preparing a range of cosmetics products consistently with less waste and less hassle.

Health Care

MARCO have extensive experience in maximising the effectiveness of ERP systems for large Health Care brands through the delivery of crucial factory floor operational data. Ensuring companies in this industry optimise their quality and profitablility.

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At MARCO we pride ourselves on having total control over our entire supply chain, so our products can be tailored to be a perfect match for your operations. Please feel free to contact us on the form below to see how we can help.

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