MARCO have provided smart weighing and packing systems for a variety of different industries for over 35 years.  This experience allows us to completely tailor our products to ensure they are ‘fit-for-purpose’ for our clients’ packing operations. MARCO predominantly provide weighing and packing solutions to companies in the food industry, namely fresh produce packing operations and the food manufacturing industry. MARCO’s installations enhance productivity across the entire packing line, providing the ideal weighing and packing solution from goods-in to goods-out.

Testament to the precision and accuracy of MARCO’s weighing solutions and live data reporting, MARCO’s products have also found applications within the Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industries for major multinationals and FTSE 100 companies.

Feel free to browse our case study library below and find out more about MARCO installations within your industry.

Fresh Produce

MARCO has helped its’ clients in the fresh produce industry to reduce overpack and increase productivity within packing facilities by 30%, whilst at the same time improving control and traceability across the whole packing operation. Our innovative weighing solutions and top of the range factory hardware have been installed within market leading packhouses in 45 countries and counting. Manual packing operations such as table grapes packing, tomato packing, soft fruit packing, and vegetable packing benefit greatly from MARCO’s operator friendly systems. Feel free to browse MARCO’s installations within these industries, with various case studies included via the links below.

Food Manufacturing

As consumers are living increasingly busy lifestyles, the demand for fast, fresh food products has increased significantly. To ensure food manufacturers keep up with this level of demand, it is vital for them to have an efficient and accurate production process. The MARCO Trac-IT suite of modules have been formulated to reduce or eradicate all common issues within the food production process; providing accurate portion control, recipe formulation, and reducing costly waste. This combined with live data reporting from across the facility gives managers full control over their packhouse, allowing them to make real-time decisions that along with MARCO’s hardware and software can dramatically increase overall productivity. Take a look at the industries and case studies below to see how MARCO has helped market leaders within various food production industries.

Flavours & Fragrances, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, and Health Care

Many products within these industries are formulated through the combination of 1000’s of high-cost, low-weight ingredients. Although inaccurate portion control in most industries just leads to costly giveaway and a decrease in profits, in the pharmaceutical and health care industries it can have a potentially disastrous outcome. Therefore, it is vital to have an efficient recipe formulation process with the best weighing accuracy possible.  MARCO’s high-accuracy DataMaster workstations simplify this process, safely guiding operators through the formulation process of these complex products all whilst increasing productivity. MARCO’s formulation systems can integrate with higher-level business systems and existing operations, with our live data constantly updating stock levels, work orders, and overall performance within the production facility. See the case studies below for examples of MARCO’s installations for large multinationals and industry.

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