Food manufacturers working with multiple ingredients require great precision, quality control and increased management insight to ensure that all product is correctly formulated and is made with as little giveaway as possible. Complex recipes with a large number of raw materials need a factory-wide solution that provides full traceability and accurate live data from goods-in to goods-out.

Our smart scales help to deskill complex recipe formulation processes and provide full data reporting and stock control to improve overall production by 30%.

MARCO Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module (RFM) has been designed to ensure operators consistently follow your manual recipe processes, accurately and reliably. Operators are guided through the formulation process ensuring each ingredient is correctly added into the batch. The easy-to-follow process deskills the tasks and removes the chance of ruined batches from operator error during the formulation process.

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Key features of MARCO Recipe Formulation Module for the ingredients industry include:

  • Stock Management & Control: have complete management insight over your line and know exactly how much stock you have remaining and when it is due to expire which ensures that you use it all on time with none going to waste.
  • Adjustable batches: if you overfill on a batch the system will automatically adjust the quantities so that you don’t have to start again and waste a batch.
  • Lightbar system: this deskills the process for operators which increases overall productivity and requires less time for training.
  • First in first out (FIFO): new raw materials that come into the facility will not be used before older produce of the same raw material is already used, e.g., if a new batch of chicken comes in, the system will make sure that you finish the previous batch before moving onto the new one so that nothing goes out of date and gets wasted.

A key advantage to MARCO’s Recipe Formulation Module is that it can be implemented as a standalone module within your existing factory structure and its proven track record will ensure a rapid return on investment. However, it works best when in conjunction with MARCO’s other productivity improving modules.

The Yield Control Module (YCM) software enables managers to monitor the performance of individual operators, allowing them to highlight areas of improvement in the manufacturing process and reward top performers. The automatic-optimisation aspect of the software means YCM is constantly adjusting the target weight for each operator, eradicating giveaway for the entire operation whilst always meeting pre-determined batch weights. In short, the customer receives no more or less of the product than they pay for. YCM also allows for operators to optimise changeover time which increases the overall productivity and reduces downtime in your facility.

Benefits of MARCO systems in the ingredients industry:

  1. Increase productivity by 30%
  2. Reduce giveaway to below 1%
  3. Reduce labour requirements by up to 50%
  4. Quick return on investment
  5. Increase packing speeds from day one
  6. Increase control and management insight
  7. Quickly adapt to changing market conditions
  8. Reduction in changeover time


  • Data Exchange Module
  • Quality Control Module
  • Recipe Formulation Module
  • Goods Recieved Module


  • DataMaster® PC Terminal
  • Single DataMaster Workstation
  • Twin DataMaster Workstation
  • Wall Mounted Access Point
  • Thermal Label Printer
  • Compact Thermal Label Printer
  • Stainless Steel Process Platform Scale
  • Gas Strut Floor Scale
  • Mild Steel Process Platform Scale
  • Dormant Platform Scale
  • QC Master
Unilever Unilever Ice Cream


A unique MARCO Trac-IT factory automation system is playing a pivotal role at the Unilever UK Ice Cr
Beacon Foods Beacon Foods MARCO case study

Beacon Foods

MARCO have gained a second significant order from leading British ingredients specialist Beacon Food

Electronically manage all recipe formulation processes accurately and consistently.