With increased consumer demand for high quality, nutritional convenience foods, specialist bakery products and non-alcoholic beverages, supermarkets and major retail outlets expect nothing less than total product consistency and proof of technical compliance from their suppliers. Food manufacturers therefore have to take every precaution to ensure their ingredients-based products are compliant.  In parallel, the increasing demand for gluten free products is placing exacting demands on food companies to provide strict traceability information.

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Recipes formed of multiple ingredients require great precision and smooth operational flow to be successful. These operations also have added difficulties with stock control due to the large number of products involved in the formulation process. It is vital therefore to have a factory-wide solution that provides full traceability and accurate live data from good-in to goods-out.

MARCO Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module (RFM) has been specifically developed to manage your manual recipe processes, accurately and reliably. The easy to use system, which ensures total product compliance, guides operators through the formulation process, ensuring each and every ingredient; each and every sub batch is correctly collated. A key advantage is that it can be implemented as a standalone module within your existing factory structure and its proven track record will ensure a rapid return on investment.

The MARCO RFM system can be used to control the manual addition of micro ingredients, pre-mixes, sub batches and bulk additions. It is ideal for the preparation of:

  • Beverage syrups
  • Sauces, pastes, dressings, preservatives and gravies
  • Dough and cake mixes
  • Salad preparations
  • Ready meal ingredients

MARCO’s installations will always integrate with any high-level business system, vital within ingredients mixing operations in order to generate an accurate Bill of Materials (BOM). This ensures there is constant communication between the higher level business and the factory floor, so that all job orders can be processed and completed accurately and efficiently.

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