Installation and Support: Round the clock and around the globe

Installation and Support: Round the clock and around the globe

Installation and Support: Round the clock and around the globe

Our customers and colleagues in the food industry are facing unprecedented conditions for their 2020 harvest. Issues such as reduced labour and an unskilled workforce have meant fresh produce growers as well as food manufacturers are relying on their factory automation systems now more than ever. Understanding these challenges, MARCO has leveraged our global partnerships to ensure that we have MARCO expertise available for both installations and support across five continents.

As part of the ATS group of companies, MARCO continues to provide global support and installations for companies operating in vital sectors. MARCO has an international team of engineers and business professionals working remotely to ensure the continuation and improvement of our clients’ packing and production processes. As well as supporting existing customers, MARCO has continued to install and supply our packing solutions around the world.

With years of experience supporting our customers via remote access, MARCO is now implementing this technology to great effect to assist with installations. As an ATS company, MARCO has the global reach and resources to continue to provide our solutions anywhere in the world, no matter the scale. In addition to our UK-based remote workers, MARCO also has feet on the ground around the world ready to assist or supervise any set up as required.

Another key aspect of MARCO’s support is the in-house training offered to new customers to ensure they maximise the benefits of their new packing system. MARCO’s engineers deliver virtual training sessions which ensures that not only the equipment, but the staff are prepared to optimise production for the crucial 2020 season. Product demonstrations are also continuing online with MARCO’s Sales Engineers able to showcase how MARCO can assist with the current challenges faced: whether this is reduced labour, untrained/unskilled operators, or lower expected yields MARCO’s sales team can offer a solution for your particular process and region.

For more information on how MARCO is continuing to provide around the clock and around the globe support for the food industry please contact or one of our Sales Engineers directly:

Jonathan Heard : UK (North), Ireland, Italy, Netherlands & Belgium

Jose Fernandes Olivia: Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador & Argentina

Andrew Connor: Greece, Egypt, Morocco, India, Ukraine, Germany, Tunisia, Turkey, Poland

Jeff Vanover: USA & Canada

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