MARCO Choose Hybrid

MARCO Choose Hybrid

MARCO Choose Hybrid

In an exciting recent development, MARCO has recently taken delivery of the first batch of Hybrid vehicles to replace its existing fleet. The new vehicles have been acquired from Toyota, recognised as leaders in this technology, which will have a great effect on MARCO’s overall carbon footprint.

A member of MARCO’s new fleet of hybrid vehicles

This innovative approach by MARCO produces a number of positives, as pointed out by MARCO Group CEO Murray Hilborne:

“When all vehicles are in service by the end of this year, total fleet emissions will be more than halved when compared to the existing diesel fleet. Furthermore, the new vehicles are all manufactured in the UK which of course is important to a UK based company like MARCO.”

The move to a hybrid fleet not only reduces MARCO’s environmental impact but also translates to reduced costs, with the whole-of-life running costs of the MARCO fleet predicted to be reduced by 30%. To take this initiative one stage further, MARCO are now also trialling a number of fully electric vehicles to assess their place in its future plans.


MARCO is proud to have developed a strong global presence over 35 years, with installations in 43 countries around the world. Key to maintaining and growing this global footprint are MARCO’s dedicated field support and sales engineers. MARCO’s sales team visit packing facilities around the world completing trials and demonstrating MARCO’s innovative products. And MARCO’s field engineers are responsible for the installation and future support of all MARCO systems within clients’ facilities. Both roles require a great deal of travel and logistical planning, a process MARCO is pleased to be constantly testing and improving!

Contact MARCO through to request a product demonstration from a member of our sales team at your facility!

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