MARCO Launch Field Picking Productivity Tool

MARCO’s latest Production Data Capture tool (PDC) enables the fresh produce sector to add an additional level of monitoring for pickers operating in the field or greenhouse. MARCO’s Yield Control Module (YCM) already monitors pack house operators but this latest solution will ensure picking productivity can now be monitored individually as well as logging yield by field or other picking location. One of the biggest advantages of PDC is the ability for management to reward their most productive pickers using the productivity data accurately captured through the system.MARCO PDC – consists of a heavy duty MARCO scale and an LMV data terminal loaded with a software solution that allows our producers to capture picker data from the field at the point of entry to the pack house. You simply issue a unique disposable barcode tag to each field picker who puts this tag into each field crate he picks. Once this crate makes its way into the pack house it is placed onto a robust MARCO LineMaster V scale, the label is scanned and this enables rapid data capture of the weight applicable to each picker and any other (configurable) quality attribute information that may need to be collected at this time.  Each transaction is interlocked so that you cannot weigh the same crate twice. This secure data is then stored for adhoc local reporting or export to external payroll systems.