Recently Launched Production Data Display

MARCO have recently launched PDD (Production Data Display) a solution that consists of large digital signage screens installed throughout the key production areas. PDD displays live production statistics as well as specific product messaging, communicating the all important technical requirements and essential operator warnings to ensure that your operation delivers consistency and quality to all your products.

PDD has rapidly proved to deliver sustained improvement to the working practices used on the shop floor. PDD enables the individual workers to view, real-time, theirs and their co-workers current performance and that of any other running line as well as any salient historical data. The screens feature a simple red-amber-green colour coding that immediately communicates current performance against preset targets and compares this to the achieved real-time averages.

This impressive, easy to use, centralised informational tool is designed to enhance and improve overall packing line performance and is especially effective in a factory where piece work dictates the pay rates for the workers.

To find out how ‘Production Data Display’ can improve your current operation, please contact