MARCO Launch Quality Control Module

The Quality Control Module (QCM) is a configurable handheld system that ensures structured, time-based quality checks are completed and electronically logged. The key feature of the new QCM is that it will monitor the quality of product delivered by each individual operator. This is different to conventional QC checks that monitor the quality of product delivered at the point of line output. Not only does this system score packers on their own individual quality control, but will also rate the effectiveness of the Quality Controller based on how many tests were performed in comparison to the schedule and what ratings were applied.

Murray Hilborne of MARCO adds “QCM can be integrated with an existing MARCO YCM system to add a quality rating to each operator’s packing performance data. By monitoring the key packer performance indicators of speed, saleable packs, waste and quality packing house management are able to easily identify their highest achievers and reward them accordingly. Retailers will also view the implementation of QCM as clear evidence that their supplier is committed to delivering high quality and consistently packed produce”.


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