Murray and Russel Hilborne founded MARCO back in 1985

Their goal, to design and develop solutions that provide control, visibility and continued productivity improvements for MARCO’s client companies. Their skills are entirely complimentary, Russel Hilborne – Chief Operating Officer, heads up all corporate governance and business operations within MARCO. Murray Hilborne – Chief Executive Officer, is more directly involved in business and product development whilst also overseeing the Sales and Marketing team.

MARCO design, manufacture, install, and support all our own products and solutions. This allows our clients to benefit from having only one point-of-contact for all their hardware and software needs. Ensuring this whole process runs smoothly, MARCO has a balanced team of highly skilled engineers, logistics and business professionals. MARCO invites you to meet the team of managers and directors who are responsible for servicing our customers’ needs on a daily basis.

Senior Management

Alan Thomas
Executive Vice President (Quality Control)

Alan Thomas is MARCO’s EVP in charge of Quality and Continuous Improvement and heads up this role for the entire business. Alan has many years experience in quality analysis, all gained at a senior level, within blue-chip organisations. Quality and consistency are at the heart of MARCO’s solutions, and Alan ensures that the business continues to deliver against this challenging brief.

Simon Astill
Executive Vice President (Development)

Simon Astill is MARCO’s EVP in charge of software and hardware development. His extensive knowledge and experience extends to ‘all things weighing’ ensuring he is perfectly suited to his role of delivering MARCO the next generation of innovative world leading solutions. Simon, along with his trusted team, have an amazing track record of always handing over ‘fully detailed’ solutions within the project time scales agreed.  

Paul Seamons
Executive Vice President (Technical)

Paul Seamons is MARCO’s EVP in charge of Technical Development. His long established role is to ensure that MARCO technically deliver and exceed what was originally promised to our clients at the outset of any project. His unrivalled experience provides him with a wealth of skills exactly suited to this role. He is MARCO’s technical ambassador around the world, often leading installations on customers' sites to ensure that MARCO continue to deliver against the high expectations of our customers.

Andy Fowler
Executive Vice President (Electronic Production)

Andy Fowler is MARCO’s EVP of Electronic Production, he is in charge of our Electronics division that delivers all of MARCO's electronic products into MARCO HQ for final assembly and testing. He has worked in this role for many years, with a track record that speaks for itself. He heads up a hugely experienced team of production engineers that consistently exceed the required brief of ‘right first time, every time’.

Eva Luna
Senior Vice President (Projects)

Eva manages MARCO’s dynamic projects department charged with organising the distribution and installation of MARCO solutions in over 40 countries. She heads up a strong team that deliver the highest levels of ‘attention to detail’. Eva has considerable experience and expertise in project management and leads her team by example. All MARCO projects are continuously reviewed and handled professionally, ensuring MARCO deliver the right outcome.

Mariette Hilborne
Senior Vice President (Sales & Marketing)

Mariette runs the Sales & Marketing team at MARCO. She and her talented team continually challenge the R&D and Design departments to deliver the latest generation of productivity-enhancing tools for all MARCO customers. She manages, coordinates, and often attends all of our exhibitions and sales visits worldwide. As well as forming all marketing communications to ensure clients and future customers are always aware of MARCO’s latest innovations.   

Team Leaders

Andy Legg
Vice President (System Support)

Andy Legg is an accomplished service support professional in charge of a highly trained global team of support engineers, who are available 24/7. He and his team delivers a level of support and reassurance to our client-base that is unrivalled. In line with other MARCO services, he employs the very latest technology to ensure MARCO clients have total piece of mind when it comes to support of their ‘business critical’ solutions.

Tristan Preece
Vice President (Design)

Tristan manages the design department tasked with the job of ensuring our systems meet and exceed any technical compliance requirements as well as those of our customers. Tristan and his team’s wealth of experience utilising the latest 3D modelling and prototyping techniques allows for MARCO systems to be integrated into any operation. As well as ensuring all our hardware’s continuous improvement to deliver further productivity gains to our clients.

Graham Warren
Vice President (Production & Compliance)

Graham is responsible for MARCO’s Production and Compliance Department. Graham’s able team complete the final assembly and testing of all MARCO solutions. His compliance team are responsible for MARCO’s Technical and Corporate conformity, enforced by accreditation bodies worldwide. He and his experienced team ensure that MARCO’s products always comply fully with the latest local regulatory requirements, wherever the installation may be.

Lisa Damon
Financial Controller

Lisa Damon is MARCO’s Financial Controller and runs the back office of the finance department. Nothing in a business is as important as accurate financial control, and Lisa's team ensure that accuracy is delivered repeatedly. The end result is total consistency and clarity that meets all financial legislation as well as satisfying the needs of our customers and suppliers.

Blake Burns
Vice President (Purchasing)

Blake is responsible for establishing and maintaining long term working relationships with our working partners. He ensures all our suppliers continually deliver the highest quality components in a timely fashion. He regularly audits all our supply chain to ensure it is ethical and sustainable. This way MARCO delivers the project on time, whilst also ensuring the consistency of our quality. 

Wayne Staats
Vice President (Mechanical Engineering)

Wayne analyses and assesses all our engineering needs often working closely with our design department. His vast experience, gained from years of successful deliveries of worldwide projects, make him ideally qualified for this role. Wayne steers continuous improvement and often assembles and tests many of our solutions himself to ensure that MARCO continue to deliver the very best mechanical fit.

Garry Frere
Vice President (Electrical Engineering)

Garry manages the technical design of all control solutions at MARCO. He oversees and steers all PLC panel design and software configuration. Garry has been at the cutting edge of SCADA and programmable logic since its very inception. His expertise and experience in all facets of process control is a major asset to the ever expanding range of MARCO products.