MARCO’s Trac-IT Yield Control Module (YCM) is a comprehensive, effective, and reliable system with a proven history of delivering productivity improvements of over 30% within fresh produce packing and food manufacturing operations. Through the use of MARCO smart scales and accompanying software, it deskills the packing process, allowing operators to focus on quality and presentation, whilst also providing managers with the tools and data to monitor and manage their factory processes.


Trac-IT YCM can be installed independently or as part of MARCO’s wider Manufacturing Execution System (MES), comprising of a unique combination of hardware and software. The YCM software enables managers to monitor the performance of individual packhouse operators, allowing them to highlight areas of improvement in the packing process and reward top performers. The automatic-optimisation aspect of the software means YCM is constantly adjusting the target weight for each operator, eradicating overpack for the entire operation whilst always meeting pre-determined pack weights. In short, the customer receives no more or less of the product than they pay for.


The range of hardware options for MARCO’s Yield Control Module are extensive and can be altered to provide an ideal weighing solution for your packing operation. YCM’s convenient single-point line set up allows seamless product changes as the system holds the full line configuration for each product. This automatic set up of in-line hardware such as labellers and checkweighers means downtime and workload are greatly reduced. MARCO’s range of operator-friendly Yield Control workstations further deskill the packing process through the use of MARCO’s language transparent ‘one light=one fruit’ weight indicators. Operators have individual RFID logins for their workstations, which in turn feed live data to our DataMaster terminals for the attention of factory floor management.

By providing full production control, YCM is sure to increase productivity and overall line speed within any packing facility whilst always ensuring the end-customers quality and technical specifications are consistently met. To see MARCO’s Yield Control Module in action within our clients’ facilities, take a look at our dedicated videos page.

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Benefits of YCM

  • Reduce overpack to below 1%
  • Improve productivity by 30%
  • Reduce labour by up to 50%
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Increase export potential
  • Increased profits from the same harvest
  • Rapid return on investment (12 months/One Season)
  • Increase management insight
  • Increase pack speeds from day 1
  • Pack smarter and faster

Key Features of YCM

  • Automatic set-up of inline factory hardware
  • Accurate, live yield data by operator
  • Operator-friendly workstations
  • Automatic optimisation software to keep average pack weights on target
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