For any manufacturing and packing process, operational efficiency and productivity is key to a company’s success. Whatever your needs, from the moment you install one of our smart weighing devices or packing solutions, we’re totally confident you will be delighted with the results that MARCO products can deliver. Our tried and tested range of hardware and software solutions improve productivity by 30%, reduce your labour requirements, and can be tailored specifically to suit your current operations.

Live, actionable data so you can measure, control and continually improve the packaging process.

MARCO’s range of ruggedised factory and field equipment that compliments MARCO Trac-IT software.

Large screens in the packhouse displaying real-time packing data, instructions and warnings

A high-precision offline weighing system ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.

Automated in-line scan and verification of all package labelling and codes.

Electronically manage all recipe formulation processes accurately and consistently.

A failsafe waste management system for production lines identifying the source, type and quantity.

A dynamic manufacturing control system to coordinate the process from good-in to goods-out.

Fit-for-purpose solutions available to solve any customer or industry-specific challenges.

Real-time, site-wide quality control system to expertly manage QA compliance.

Allowing MARCO Trac-IT to be driven by customers’ existing high-level systems – ERP/MRP

Systems designed to manage and control factory lines for both ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ products and ingredients

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