Few companies feel they can dedicate enough man-hours and resources to achieve a ‘fit-for-purpose Manufacturing Execution System, often dealing with 3rd parties for the more technical aspects of production. Our experience and innovative approach to manufacturing over the last 35 years has led to the development of over 300 new smart weighing devices installed in 45 countries worldwide. These innovative packing systems and over 150,000 hours of software development has allowed MARCO to develop its market-leading, ‘off-the-shelf’ MARCO Trac-IT Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

MARCO Trac-IT MES is a combination of a variety of MARCO’s individual Trac-IT modules, brought together to maximise productivity, product consistency, and quality within our clients’ facilities. MES provides a codified control of all procedures from goods-in to goods-out meaning there is total visibility across the entire operation. Live, immediate data is reported across all areas of production providing immediate and complete traceability across the packing line.

MES promises complete transparency across your facility in terms of data and product quality. It oversees accurate stock control at goods-in through to 100% labelling accuracy at goods-out. MARCO’s Yield Control Module and Waste Management Module also form a part of MES, allowing for consistent pack weight, real-time overpack reduction, and live waste data. These aspects of MES alone, will dramatically reduce costly waste and increase productivity, in most cases by 30%.

Manufacturing Execution Systems have a reputation for being complex and time-consuming to install, requiring a lot of input from all sides. However with MARCO’s ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, we’ve done all the work so you won’t need to. Fully integrated to your ordering system (ERP system) MARCO Trac-IT MES can be rapidly implemented and integrated within your existing plant, as all hardware and software is developed and therefore can be adjusted by us. MARCO Trac-IT MES has been implemented within companies of all sizes ranging from FTSE100 multinationals to small domestic packing operations. To find out more, please feel free to contact a member of our sales team.


Benefits of MES:

  • Increase productivity by 30%
  • Reduce overpack to below 1%
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Increase management insight
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Increase profits from the same harvest
  • Reduce labour by up to 50%
  • Certified for all global markets
  • Increase export potential
  • Pack smarter & faster
  • Increase pack speeds from day 1
  • Adapt to changing market conditions

Key Features of MES:

  • Full control of production from goods-in to goods-out
  • Interfaces with ERP systems
  • Live data reporting from across the production process