MARCO’s Goods Received Module has been designed for businesses working in all industries, specifically fresh produce, food manufacturing, flavours & fragrances, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and cosmetics. It is designed to provide full traceability of raw material coming into the facility from goods intake to packaging. With this increased traceability you optimise and connect your whole operation and increase your management insight.

MARCO’s Goods Received Module provides full goods intake control with all raw material coming from suppliers being recorded using the label printing and barcode scanner capabilities. Pallets, containers and punnets of raw material are all tracked through the Goods Received Module and assigned storage locations to give complete management oversight of the handling of all raw materials in your facility. All deliveries received by your facility can be entered into the Module as either planned or unplanned deliveries and then assigned a purchase order number using your pre-approved list of suppliers to pay for exactly what comes into your business, avoiding overpaying for product not received.

Tailor Made Conveyor

Benefits of Goods Received Module

  • Quickly adapt to changing market conditions
  • Increased Management Insight
  • Eradicate intake losses/waste
  • Speed up the intake & inventory process
  • Increased Traceability

Features of Goods Received Module

  • Goods intake control
  • Barcode Scanning & Label Printing
  • Increased reporting
  • Raw material traceability

Goods Received Module interfaces with MARCO’s Data Exchange Module to provide additional optimisation for your facility including inputting planned orders and exporting information reports for payroll and invoicing. MARCO’s Goods Received Module interfaces with our Yield Control Module & Recipe Formulation Module, to provide full traceability of raw material that can assigned to a production line and returned to storage when needed.

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