MARCO Trac-IT Data Exchange Module (DEM) is MARCO’s import/export module which is required when MARCO Trac-IT is to be driven by a higher-level business system. DEM creates a dynamic link to ensure your factory floor is being driven by live data from your business and vice versa.

This bi-directional link allows DEM to send work order batches directly to the factory floor and keeps track of job progress with live data being immediately available to the higher-level business system. The software also executes the controls to carry out the production demand requests.

Live factory data transmitted from DEM improves factory and packhouse management as it allows managers to make business-critical decisions ‘in time’ and not ‘after the event’. It also greatly reduces the workload for system administrators, often overloaded with manual data entry. DEM can generate and report on data from across the production process. As well as also being able to integrate with other MARCO Trac-IT Modules such as our Yield Control Module.


Benefits of DEM

  • Ensures production is driven by live business data
  • Reduces administration workload – no manual data entry
  • Eradicates housekeeping
  • Ensures you maximise the potential of existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Increase management insight
  • Quickly adapt to changing market conditions