MARCO Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module (RFM) ensures your staff consistently adheres to a template of how to handle and mix recipe ingredients within the production facility. RFM controls the ingredient/lot picking and codifies all the manufacturing instructions to increase operational speed and efficiency.

RFM Pour

Weighing guidance routines ensure that an operator achieves an in-tolerance target weight for each of the ingredients in the Bill of Materials (BOM), which can be downloaded automatically from your business system using the MARCO Trac-IT Data Exchange Module (DEM). A visual graphic shows the progression to the target, going through a range of colour changes to indicate under/correct/over target weight. The line is only marked as complete when RFM verifies the line is weighed to the correct technical specification, and the batch completed when all lines are accepted.

RFM Dried Fruit

These MARCO Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module routines monitor all the dispensing operations, providing a constant independent check to ensure the technical specification is met consistently. The ‘green for accept’ for an in-target weight, effectively deskills the dispensing operation without any weighing interpretation or experience required, and is also independent of language or numeracy level.

It is vital during the handling of materials for the weighing process, that your company’s commitment to the health and safety of its operators is held paramount. All current HSE/GHS hazard symbols and text phrases are maintained by RFM, and associated to the relevant material an operator may be exposed to during the specific control procedure. All HSE/GHS text and risk symbols are constantly displayed during the entire time that an operator remains exposed to any risk.

RFM Pour

Benefits of RFM

  • Increases speed and precision of the ingredient mixing process
  • Minimises costly waste
  • Ensures the safety of operators through real-time hazard warnings
  • Cuts out time-consuming paperwork to manage formulation procedures
  • Easy to use, operator-friendly workstations
  • Provides accurate live weight and stock level data
  • Increase management insight
  • Pack faster, pack smarter
  • Increase pack speeds from day 1
  • Rapid return on investment

Key Features of RFM

  • Step-by-step guidance through the formulation process
  • Functions through MARCO’s high precision DataMaster workstations
  • Live, accurate data reporting
  • Health and safety messaging through HSE/GHS hazard symbols and phrases
RFM Scanner