Factory Hardware

Fit for purpose hardware from MARCO

We offer a range of bespoke factory hardware systems, designed specifically to suit your application, production requirement, available floor space and budget.

With MARCO Trac-IT software developed to complement each hardware solution, you can look forward to an immediate improvement in productivity and profitability.

Whether integrating a single module with your existing production line or providing a complete end-to-end system, our team is always on hand to work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

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CheckMaster Portable & Fixed Weighing Units

Complete stainless steel fabrication designed as a high speed portion control scale/workstations suitable for any factory application with a rugged, hose-proof (IP66/68) design optimised to handle each specific application.

Linemaster V Workstations

Complete stainless steel fabrication designed as a truly integrated workstation specifically designed for the harshest of working environments with rugged, hose proof with IP66/68 wash down certification. All our terminals feature robust 802.11 connectivity back to the MARCO Trac-IT main SQL server (local or remote).

Datamaster PC Terminals

DataMaster combines the latest generation industrial computer technology, ergonomically packaged, within a ‘fit for purpose stainless steel industrial chassis. Its bright 15.4″ Industrial grade NEC TFT wide screen display is fitted with a robust industrial touch screen.

DataMaster is designed to withstand the rigours of the harshest factory/field environments – All variants of DataMaster equipment is certified to IP66/68.

Datamaster Workstations

DataMaster PC terminal can be incorporated within a purpose built, stainless steel fully integrated workstation specifically designed for each and every application.

RF Access Point

With all our terminals being wireless enabled we provide high performance wireless LAN access points that operate at the highest data rates. Fast and seamless roaming between adjacent cells significantly extends the coverage area. Frequency hopping, spread spectrum technology provides robust and totally reliable wireless communications with interference avoidance, and the ability to coexist with other wireless LAN’s.

Inline Checkweighers

We have developed a range of ‘end of line’ control devices that police and regulate all production output. This ensures zero non-conformances and with sophisticated feedback loops we can further manage any over pack in any specific process. All our checkweighers can function standalone, as a ‘Policeman’ device, or fully linked to MARCO Trac-IT YCM offering the essential final weight ‘closed loop’ feedback control. All essential line and production statistics are centrally stored in a flexible reporting environment that enables significant interrogation.


To unlock the full potential line efficiencies MARCO design and manufacture a comprehensive range of ‘Fit for Purpose’ multi-tiered production lines.

All our conveyors are manufactured from high grade stainless steel. All our tiers offer – Intelligent conveyor – no collision/compression – either wide edge or narrow edge leading. All our tiers are complete with removable debris catch trays to stop any foreign material falling into finished product.

All our modular conveyors are designed to offer the highest ergonomic design to ensure easy placement and transport of any completed clamshells, punnets or bags. Any desired routing options are accurately controlled by MARCO Trac-IT via Open Platform Communications to PLC, logic, sensors and automated guides ensuring product changeovers are virtually immediate.

High speed in line labellers factory hardware
High Speed In-Line Labellers

MARCO’s latest range of twin-head labellers, are easy to use fully automated labelling systems ideal for ready meals and punnets. With a choice of three alternative settings, the twin-head labeller can fit seamlessly into any packing operation, comfortably and consistently labelling over 240 packs per minute.  Click here to see an example of one of MARCO’s Twin-Head Labellers in action.

Mode 1: In ‘Single’ mode, the labeller will print and apply one label from each head, providing the operator the option to apply two separate labels when both heads are activated.

Mode 2: ‘Auto Change Over’ mode is used when constantly running with no line stops. Applying a single label to each pack using only one of the label heads and automatically switching to the second head when this label reel runs out.

Mode 3: ‘High Speed’ mode utilises both label heads sequentially to apply a label to alternate packs, allowing large print area production at very high speed – this allows the labeller to pack at over 240 packs per minute.