Factory Wide Control

The MARCO Trac-IT Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Real-time control is vital to the smooth running of manufacturing, unlocking the potential of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and improving productivity. This sort of system has a reputation for being complex, costly and time-consuming to install, requiring a lot of input from all sides. Few companies feel they can allocate sufficient time or resources.

It’s a different story with Trac-IT MES. It has taken us thousands of development hours to hone the software so that you can benefit from an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution which will satisfy your manufacturing control requirements for less cost and be implemented in less time. We’ve done all the work so you won’t need to.

The system can be installed into your existing plant with minimum disruption. It brings immediate improvements to efficiency, product consistency and quality.


  • Rapid implementation time
  • Codified control of all procedures
  • Improved productivity, product consistency and quality
  • 100% labelling accuracy
  • Improved line control
  • Accurate stock control
  • Total visibility of the entire operation
  • Minimise the creation of costly waste
  • Electronic, immediate, traceability throughout your operation

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