High Level Interfaces

The MARCO Trac-IT Data Exchange Module (DEM)

MARCO Trac-IT Data Exchange Module is our Import/Export module that is required when MARCO Trac-IT is to be driven by a higher level business system. This bi-directional link ensures that your Business system is continually in touch with the factory floor.

DEM provides the dynamic link to get work orders to the shop floor, and executes the controls to carry out the production demand requests. The actual data from all transactions is immediately available to the higher level business system. This enables management decision making ‘in time’ and not, as more usually ‘after the event’.


  • No more delays – Make important business decisions immediately based on real-time information.
  • Dramatically reduces administration demands – no manual data entry after the fact.
  • Eradicates housekeeping – MARCO Trac-IT acts as a slave to your business system.

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