Off Line Inspection

The MARCO Trac-IT Average Weight Module (AWM)

Over-filling or over-packing by operators quickly eats into your profits not only because too much of the product is used but also because transport costs are ramped up with the increased weight. This is where the AWM comes into its own.

A MARCO AWM is ideal to use with any type of pre-packaged goods, from manually-packed fresh produce through to high-speed automated filling of cans, bottles and cartons.

For goods sold in Europe, ‘e weighing’ is the standard which means packing to average weight. For example, in the case of 500g punnets of grapes, 490g would be acceptable as long as there were other punnets of 510g in the batch to balance out the average content.

AWM, which incorporates high precision weighing scales, is used off the packing line. It warns when any pack weight deviations go outside the pre-set tolerances. A unique email alert function adds another level of reliability, enabling operators to take corrective action swiftly and efficiently, in line with the latest WELMEC (European weights and measures) guidelines.

QA compliance can be subjective but, with the AWM, that uncertainty is removed. We take care of weight and volume control so you don’t have to. Appropriate sample sizes and frequency of checking are determined by our unique software, ensuring you will consistently meet relevant legislation. All the data is stored electronically which means you can provide proof of compliance to your purchasers at the touch of a button.


  • Reduced over-fill and over-pack
  • Software-determined QA compliance
  • Improved line control with less waste
  • Compliance with average pack weight legislation
  • Fully audited, electronically-stored data
  • Increased profitability

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