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YCM is a module that gives you comprehensive real-time data so that you can measure and control the packing process minute-by-minute throughout the working day.

Operators or teams find a MARCO YCM system very easy to use.  Every person has their own ID logon, ensuring they are individually monitored. A simple to use, but technically sophisticated,  traffic light system guides them as they work, ensuring target weights and technical standards are constantly achieved.

We are proud that our YCM technology has been adopted as the new standard by over 35 countries across six continents. Our solutions are installed worldwide in grape, tomato, soft fruit, salad, herb and fresh-cut vegetable pack houses, as well as ready meal and sandwich food factories.

The packing data instantly provided is wide-ranging and immediately traceable. It includes:

  • The number of packs completed over time/per operator
  • The total quantity of produce allocated to each line
  • The actual amount of saleable product packed at each workstation/line
  • Pack weight trends by operator/team/line
  • Yield data by batch run/total production
  • A sophisticated performance rating by operator/team/line



  • Individual operator monitoring
  • Reduced giveaway and waste control
  • Improved quality and increased productivity
  • Lower operating and transport costs
  • Increased profits
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