Quality Control

The MARCO Trac-IT Quality Control Module (QCM)

MARCO Trac-IT Quality Control Module applies a set of strict technical rules to each part of your factory and ensures that all site testing is carried out at the right time, in the right place and by the right staff.

MARCO’s Quality Control Module (QCM) is a configurable handheld system that performs structured quality checks and captures results electronically. The QCM’s ability to monitor individual operator’s product quality distinguishes it from conventional quality control checks that monitor quality at line output. It rates the effectiveness of the quality control operator based on how many tests he or she performs against preset targets established by managers. The automated aspect of QCM produces pre-scheduled exports providing you with easy-access real time information.


  • Can be used in any area of the business
  •  Can be linkedin to the MARCO Yield Control Module (YCM) to measure waste
  •  Use to monitor and improve operator performance
  •  Facilitates compliance with customer’s specification or legislation/regulations
  •  Provides supply chain transparency
  •  Reduces paper reporting and saves time
  •  Gives photographic evidence as proof of quality, performance or areas of concern

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