Waste Management

The MARCO Trac-IT Waste Management Module (WMM)

Effective waste management on production lines, particularly in the food industry, is essential in order to maintain an efficient operational workflow. With increasing pressure on margins and profitability, producing too much waste will inevitably add to your costs.

Our waste management module provides you with comprehensive real-time data in the form of user-friendly graphics. It can be part of a complete MARCO MES system or incorporated, standalone, into your existing facilities.

Each operator has an ID log on. As a team, you will be able to pinpoint exactly when, where and how waste was created. Knowing the facts allows rapid remedial action to be taken and can inform and reform future working practices.

Electronic reports and real-time email alerts can be generated, to show:

  • Total waste produced by one, or all lines
  • Waste recorded against individual operators
  • Data for specific types or causes of waste
  • When any waste levels exceed prescribed waste limits


  • Accountable waste generation data
  • Easy for operators to use
  • Accurate real-time information
  • User-defined criteria for reporting
  • Better operational efficiency
  • Increased profits

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