Waste Management

MARCO Trac-IT Waste Management Module (WMM)

Effective waste management on production lines, particularly in the fresh produce and wider food industry, is essential in order to maintain an efficient operational workflow. With increasing pressure on margins and profitability, producing too much waste will inevitably add to your costs.

Waste Management Module WMM touch screen

MARCO Trac-IT Waste Management Module (WMM) runs on our factory floor DataMaster workstations, either as a stand-alone operation or as part of MARCO’s wider Manufacturing Execution System. The system provides accurate and reliable data for quantities and origins of waste within the packhouse.

Graphics of specific factory areas are displayed with coloured zones to identify the source of the waste. Simple touch screen prompts guide a user through identifying how, where, and when waste was created on the packing line. A real time graph is displayed showing the waste recorded within user-defined time period slots. For example, every 15 minutes the waste recorded is graphed, giving a rolling display to give immediate indication to a supervisor if problems, outside of standard limits, are arising on a packing line.

Benefits of WMM

  • Easy for operators to use
  • Better operational facility
  • Reduced costs, increased profits
  • Pinpoint exactly where, when, and how waste is created within the packing environment
  • Increase management insight

Key Features of WMM

  • Live reports and email alerts regarding waste generation
  • Waste can be reported by individual operators, by packing line, or by entire facility
  • Segmented data for specific types of waste
  • Warnings when waste levels exceed pre-set limits
Waste Management Module WWM grape cutting
Waste Management Module WMM reduced waste reduced giveway

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