Similar to the BWS, the AWS (Augar Weighing System) uses augers rather than conveyor belts to move very sticky and wet ingredients/raw materials, product such as ready meals, pasta and seafood. A push and scrap transfer and delivery system ensures no pieces are wasted or caught up during the weighing cycle, again guaranteeing accuracy and minimal waste.

Speeds of both BWS and AWS vary and are relative to a portions weight, volume and specific properties of the raw materials. It can also be affected by the infeed supply, tooling, packing line, sealing machines etc., estimates are given based on trials and installations.



MARCO’s SelectMaster is an innovative combination weighing solution ideally suited for the Fresh Produce industry. In manual packing operations, it is more challenging to keep costs to a minimum as only people can provide the required consistency and quality control needed for the produce packing. Combining bunches or piece parts to reach a minimum or average weight is difficult and time-consuming. If the weights are not exact, the giveaway will always be costly. The SelectMaster selects bunches or pieces from the available combination, instantly and accurately, virtually eradicating giveaway, increasing line speed and overall productivity.

The SelectMaster is the perfect solution for peppers and a wide variety of fresh produce. By using the best combination available it reduces the need to trim products and maintains the optimum quality required for the final pack.  The user-friendly SelectMaster deskills the packing process, removes guesswork and increases packing speeds. This twelve-pan scale can achieve speeds of over 20ppm with two operators. The use of audio and visual guides makes the packing process seamless and simple to use meaning very little training is required.

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