Sobreval install MARCO’s Yield Control Technology


Sobreval, based in the west of France near Rennes, is a manufacturer specialising in deli pots, pesto, tapenades, dips and desserts. These expensive products are hand packed at Sobreval’s bespoke factory in Jugon les Lacs, and dispatched all over Europe to the professional catering industry and consumers alike.

Sobreval pride themselves on their innovation and creativity, constantly designing new products and mixes. They have now sought the help of MARCO, productivity improvement experts, in order to maintain their high levels of presentation and quality as they increase the production volumes of some of their more popular products, such as their plateaus of chorizo, manchego and olives.

In order to do this, Sobreval have installed a MARCO Yield Control System, which is enabling the skilled operators to pack the correct volumes of each individual component into the plateau sections. MARCO’s system is configured so that operators are able to change the product on their individual workstations, which has the added bonus of speeding up production lines and so is increasing the productivity of the factory by at least 30%.

Armelle Le Goff, Sobreval’s Industrial Development Manager, is pleased with the installation so far ‘The system has allowed me to optimise the amount implemented on the lines. Through an entire day we sometimes make trays and it has really given me a clear visibility into our daily production. My role is to optimise my lines and I can now manage my lines very efficiently and ensure that they turn all the time’.