Maintaining accurate pack weights for predefined pack sizes of products that are packed by hand is a challenging task, especially when line changes can be frequent such as within the vegetable packing industry. Virtually all vegetable packers will grow and pack a variety of products of differing size and shape on the same packing line. Without adequate control, vegetable packers often experience much higher than expected giveaways which can directly impact freight costs and overall profits. Excess waste, particularly from trimming, is something that is highly prevalent within the vegetable packing industry, and an area MARCO’s solutions aim to eradicate.

Vegetable Industry Case Studies

Solutions such as MARCO’s Yield Control Module have been specifically developed for the controlled packing of fresh produce and has a proven track record in de-skilling the packing process, whilst reducing giveaway to fractions of a gram. Another software-driven solution, with a highly useful application within vegetable packing is MARCO’s Waste Management Module, this allows managers to pinpoint exactly when, where, and how waste was created within the packing facility. This allows managers to take action in real-time, when waste exceeds pre-set limits.

MARCO also offers a range of hardware options which are designed and built to suit your specific requirements. We appreciate and understand that standing at a packing bench can be both a tiring and at times monotonous experience. To address this, our stainless steel workstations are designed to minimise any bending stretching lifting or twisting all whilst ensuring the workstations are suitably ruggedized and cleanable in-line with the latest IFPA (International Fresh-Cut Produce Association) recommendations.

See the case studies below for examples of a typical MARCO installation for a vegetable packing facility.

Vegpro Vegpro Peppers marco customer case study


An innovative MARCO weighing and packing solution is bringing important savings to Kenyan fresh prod
Barfoots of Botley Beautiful Asparagus at Barfoots marco customer case study

Barfoots of Botley

Barfoots of Botley is one of Europe’s largest processors and packers of fresh produce in the UK’s ve

Common Products for the Vegetable Industry

Real-time data to measure, control and continually improve the packing process

Large screens in the packhouse displaying real-time packing data, instructions and warnings

Systems designed to manage and control factory lines for both ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ products and ingredients