12 Reasons to Choose MARCO

At MARCO we pride ourselves on a 35-year track record in delivering a sustained competitive advantage to our customers. We do this by excelling not just in one field, but in a holistic approach that tackles 12 of the top indicators for improving efficiencies and profit.

The fresh food industry is facing challenging times, meaning solutions that bring real business advantages and opportunities are needed more than ever. No business can afford to stand still when demands are changing rapidly, labour availability is uncertain, experienced staff are less available and markets are shifting and adapting.

MARCO designs solutions for each customer’s specific needs, the benefits will be delivered from day one:

  1. Reduce overpack to below 1%
  2. Globally certified for all markets
  3. Reduce labour requirements by up to 50%
  4. Return on investment within one season
  5. Increase your export potential
  6. Reduced transport costs
  1. Increase productivity by 30%
  2. Increase profits from the same harvest
  3. Increase packing speeds from day one
  4. Increase control and management insight
  5. Quickly adapt to changing market conditions
  6. Pack smarter, pack faster

Find out more about how MARCO can support your business here or contact one of our Sales Managers. We have many purchase options to suit all business positions including; low commitment rental, rent-to-buy and Shared Earn-Out.