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Before every installation, MARCO assembles and tests each bit of hardware and software to ensure it functions without any disruptions upon delivery. The testing and install phase is where the majority of MARCO’s footage is taken. Feel free to search through MARCO’s extensive video library below to see our ‘fit-for-purpose’ solutions as they are tested both in-house and within real packhouse settings in the fresh produce and food manufacturing industries.

Each playlist can be operated using the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons within the YouTube player, and a full list of videos within each playlist is located by clicking on the top right of the video player.

MARCO Company Videos

This playlist gives a comprehensive company overview of MARCO Limited; explaining what we do and how we do it. Members of the MARCO team, including Group CEO Murray Hilborne, talk through the MARCO Trac-IT modules and what they can bring to your existing operations. All MARCO products, are designed, manufactured, and installed by us meaning you only need to deal with one company for all your factory and packing solutions.

Customer Videos & Interviews

This playlist contains high-end production footage of MARCO equipment within some of our customers’ facilities. Some videos also contain interviews with MARCO’s clients, in which they give examples of the benefits the MARCO system has brought to their packing operations.

Industry-specific Installations

MARCO’s productivity enhancing solutions have been installed in 43 countries across a wide range of industries including the fresh produce, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. Within the fresh produce industry, growers specialising in specific products can benefit from a completely ‘fit-for-purpose’ MARCO solution geared towards that product. See the playlist below for typical examples of full packing lines MARCO would provide for the grape, tomato, soft fruit, and vegetable industries. For more information, case studies, or videos of other industries please feel free to contact us.

Task-Specific Hardware & Software

At first glance, many of the MARCO products within this playlist will appear to be stand-alone factory hardware items. However the majority of MARCO’s factory hardware products also offer live data reporting to allow packhouse managers to take rapid action to boost factory productivity. To find out more about any of the task-specific hardware in this playlist, please feel free to contact us.

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