Identify unaccountable losses and ensure pack consistency


Perfect for convenience food and ready-meal industries where multiple ingredients are portioned to make the final product. Designed to maximise the efficiency of the operators using traffic light technology to indicate the precise amount of material required, leading to a reduction in product handling and a greater pack accuracy.


In conjunction with MARCO Trac-IT® optimisation software the indicator tracks and reports all use of the scale to the DataMaster system via Wi-Fi, allowing continuous feedback of the operator’s performance to the management team.


High Speed Portion Control

        30%                       99%                   <1%

Product Uplift      Pack Accuracy     Giveaway

  • Accuracy: +/- 1g
  • Increments: 1g
  • Hands free Tare
  • Visual indicators
  • All Stainless, IP69 rated