Empower your workforce, eliminate unplanned downtime and significantly increase production with MARCO Trac-IT® Software Solutions.

The MARCO Trac-IT® suite of software modules has proven to enhance productivity whilst minimising overpack/giveaway, reducing food waste and providing full traceability and accountability throughout the whole production process. All modules can be tailored to operate in multiple languages.

Each module is developed in-house by a team of MARCO experts.

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A comprehensive, and reliable system proven to deliver productivity improvements up to 30%.

MARCO Trac-IT Yield Control Module 1

Automatic optimisation software to keep average pack weights on target.

  • Automatic set-up of inline factory hardware

  • Accurate, live yield data by operator

  • Operator-friendly workstations


Operator friendly workstations increase speed and precision of the ingredient mixing process.

MARCO Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module 1

Ensures staff consistently adhere to a template of how to handle and mix recipe ingredients within the production facility.

  • Step-by-step guidance through the formulation process

  • Easy to use, operator-friendly workstations

  • Live, accurate data reporting


Reduce time spent on administration tasks and eradicate the need to store paperwork.

MARCO Trac-IT Quality Control Module 1

Specifically developed to enable businesses to digitise quality control procedures across all areas of production.

  • Gathers data via configurable questionnaires

  • Rates effectiveness of QC operators against pre-set targets

  • Automates quality control procedures across all areas of production


Designed to provide full traceability of raw material from goods intake to consumer ready packaging.

MARCO Trac-IT Goods Received Module

Designed to provide full traceability of raw material coming into the facility from goods intake to packaging.

  • Barcode Scanning & Label Printing

  • Raw Material Traceability

  • Increased Management Insight


Helps to prevent costly return-to-manufacturer scenarios or emergency product withdrawals.

MARCO Trac-IT Line Control Module 1

Polices the operation, ensuring all hardware and software is set-up accurately and efficiently.

  • Increased Management Insight

  • Improved traceability

  • Real-time line reporting


HD factory wide display screens act as a multi-functional, factory-wide, digital signage solution.

MARCO Trac-IT Product Data Display

Enables digital communication to the teams on the factory floor.

  • 65” Ultra HD LED Monitors

  • Instantly display images, videos and messages

  • Constant communication with workforce