For over 35 years MARCO has provided solutions for the Fresh Produce Industry, enabling them to pack goods faster, more efficiently and more accurately.

Weighing fresh produce accurately is crucial for maintaining quality, reducing waste, and ensuring customer satisfaction. MARCO offers advanced weighing solutions designed specifically for the unique challenges of handling fresh produce.

MARCO’s weighing and packing solutions have a proven track record of improving packhouse productivity up to 30%, virtually eliminating overpack, minimising waste, optimising labour resources and providing pack house-wide visibility.

Find out more about the frequently used MARCO products utilised within the fresh produce industry:

Software Module

  • Yield Control
  • Quality Control
  • Product Data Display
  • Goods Received
  • Line Control
  • Average Weight


  • TaskMaster
  • CheckMaster
  • LineMaster
  • SelectMaster
  • Super SelectMaster
  • DataMaster
  • Checkweigher/Metal Detector
  • PunnetMaster
  • TrayMaster

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