The baked goods industry produces a wide range of goods daily to meet the growing demand of the consumer. The production of baked goods is complex; with increasing product ranges, producers of baked goods must ensure their facilities can cope with the increased demand. The recipe formulation in the baked goods industry is traditionally a manual process, with complex recipes and varying raw ingredients. With this in mind, MARCO has developed its suite of Trac-IT software to meet the needs and demands faced in the baked goods industry.

MARCO Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module (RFM) has been designed to deskill the manual processes in the ingredient mixing process, increase stock control and improve your overall management. Operators producing baked goods are guided through the recipe formulation process confirming each ingredient is added correctly into the batch. RFM has the added feature of automatic batch adjustment. In the situation that too much of one ingredient is added the batch can be salvaged with the automatic batch adjustment feature. The software will automatically calculate how much additional ingredient must be added to complete the batch. RFM works in conjunction with MARCO’s DataMaster workstations, providing live data reporting for facility managers.


Key Features of MARCO Recipe Formulation Module for baked goods industry include:

  • Stock Management & Control: oversee all raw ingredients in your baked goods production, ensuring stock levels are consistent and raw material is not wasted due to expiration.
  • Adjustable Batches: avoid costly wasted batches with automatic batch adjustment ensuring errors in the formulation process can be rectified.
  • Lightbar System: the lightbar system provides a clear visual aid for operators to add the correct amount of ingredient in the formulation process. This deskills the process for operators and increases efficiency in the recipe formulation.
  • First in first out (FIFO): ensure no raw material is wasted in your operation with the ‘First in first out’ feature. Ingredients that entered your facility will be used in expiration order ensuring no raw material is goes out of date before it can be used.

Benefits of MARCO systems in the Baked Goods Industry:

  1. Increase productivity
  2. Reduce giveaway to below 1%
  3. Reduce labour requirements
  4. Quick return on investment
  5. Increase processing speeds from day one
  6. Increase control and management insight
  7. Quickly adapt to changing market conditions
  8. Changeover time reduction

MARCO’s Recipe Formulation Module can be implemented into your facility as a standalone module to produce immediate benefits. The system will ensure a rapid return on investment with a proven track recorded of producing results. However, the module will perform best in conjunction with other MARCO Trac-IT modules to produce even greater results.

MARCO’s Trac-IT Waste Management Module (WMM) provides accurate and reliable data for quantities and origins of waste within your baked goods production facility. Operating from a DataMaster workstation, the module provides immediate notifications if waste is exceeding limits on the production floor. To further increase efficiencies our Goods Received Module (GRM) provides full goods intake control with all raw materials coming into the facility tracked and recorded against each pre-approved supplier. Using label printing and barcode scanners all raw material is assigned a storage location, with all handling of the raw materials being tracked for full traceability and complete management oversight.

MARCO’s Trac-IT Data Exchange Module (DEM) works as a link between the office and the production floor. The module takes work orders and provides the data to the production floor, which enables immediate management decision-making to manage work orders. Our Quality Control Module (QCM) enables operators to manage all quality control checks from one system, utilising a ruggedized tablet to conduct checks all around your baked goods facility. All QCM data is stored on the MARCO server, enabling easy access at any time.

MARCO modules used in your baked goods facility can be combined together to form our full factory efficiency system. Our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can be fully integrated to existing business systems to dramatically increase your overall management insight.


  • Data Exchange Module
  • Quality Control Module
  • Recipe Formulation Module
  • Goods Recieved Module


  • DataMaster® PC Terminal
  • Single DataMaster Workstation
  • Twin DataMaster Workstation
  • Wall Mounted Access Point
  • Thermal Label Printer
  • Compact Thermal Label Printer
  • QC Master
New York Bakery (Grupo Bimbo) New York Bakery

New York Bakery (Grupo Bimbo)

MARCO Limited has installed the first stage of a Trac-IT Manufacturing Execution System to accompany
Greggs bread baked goods industry


MARCO’s Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module is helping leading UK bakery group Greggs plc meet the rap

Electronically manage all recipe formulation processes accurately and consistently.

Automated in-line scan and verification of all package labeling and codes.

A failsafe waste management system for production lines identifying the source, type and quantity.