Bakeries must meet the challenge of producing a wide range of fresh goods on a daily basis using a variety of different ingredients within the formulation process. As their product range increases, the task of controlling and keeping track of the many different recipes and ingredients becomes more and more complex. The ingredients mixing process, normally observed in bakeries, is a manual process. Keeping a check on the amounts of each ingredient going into a particular batch, together with ensuring that all the required ingredients have been added, is a complex procedure. MARCO Trac-IT simplifies this process, allowing MARCO’s bakery clients to satisfy the needs of over a million hungry customers on a daily basis.

Greggs Bakery MARCO customer case study sausage rolls

By listening to what is required from our customers, MARCO has developed a range of innovative factory floor profitability modules for the baked goods industry. Our Recipe Formulation Module (RFM) is most commonly used by our bakery clients, either as a stand alone system or as part of our wider Manufacturing Execution System (MES). RFM satisfies the demand placed on bakeries for greater traceability and accountability for their products. The software aspect of RFM transmits details of specific recipes instantly to MARCO’s DataMaster workstations based on work orders from your higher level business system. The workstation operator is then guided through the mixing process thoroughly and safely with live yield data reported back to the central PC for real-time stock amendments and waste data. This live data reporting allows bakery managers to take action in real-time when an issue is spotted within the facility.

This system has allowed MARCO’s clients to greatly increase productivity whilst also being able to meet the strictest levels of legislative requirements. The RFM system can integrate with any existing factory hardware or higher-level business system, meaning there is no disruption to any of your factory/business procedures.

Ingredients Industry Case Studies

New York Bakery (Grupo Bimbo) New York Bakery

New York Bakery (Grupo Bimbo)

MARCO Limited has installed the first stage of a Trac-IT Manufacturing Execution System to accompany
Greggs bread baked goods industry


MARCO’s Trac-IT Recipe Formulation Module is helping leading UK bakery group Greggs plc meet the rap

Common Products for the Baked Goods Industry

Electronically manage all recipe formulation processes accurately and consistently.

Automated in-line scan and verification of all package labelling and codes.

A failsafe waste management system for production lines identifying the source, type and quantity.

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