MARCO Trac-IT’s Line Control Module (LCM) provides a smooth operational flow for our clients in the fresh produce and food manufacturing industries. LCM polices the operation, ensuring all hardware and software is set-up accurately and efficiently. This helps to prevent costly return-to-manufacturer (RTM) scenarios or emergency product withdrawals (EPWs), which can do damage to your business.

Inline Checkweigher Flipped

For efficient operation of the packing line, it is essential that all factory hardware and software is correctly and efficiently set up for the product run. MARCO’s Trac-IT Line Control Module (LCM) provides a fast, and simple ‘one button’ set up procedure, eliminating the need to visit each piece of packhouse equipment for individual configuration.

Configuring a variety of task-specific machinery is labour intensive and requires skilled technical staff to perform properly. LCM reduces these labour demands as well as increasing the overall productivity of the packing operation as a result of speeding up product changes and overall set-up time.

Salad barcode scanner

After the set-up of the packing line, LCM continues operating to provide real-time performance data, allowing managers to make decisions on an ‘act now basis’ rather than after the event. To further the capabilities of MARCO’s Line Control Module to monitor the efficient performance of a line, it is enhanced with a powerful function for building product ‘standards’ for line performance. These standards set the expected performance results for the entire packing facility, which LCM then overlays on top of live factory data.

LCM provides the overall control function to integrate with MARCO’s Yield Control Module and Average Weight Module to fully optimise packhouse performance.

Line Control 1

Key Features of LCM

Automatic, ‘one button’ set up of…

  • Multi-head fillers
  • Inkjet and label printers
  • Metal Detectors
  • In-Line Checkweighers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Case end label printer
  • Pallet label printer

Benefits of LCM

  • Ensures correct and consistent labelling and packaging
  • Dramatically reduces labour demands for line set-up
  • Improved traceability
  • Offers real-time line reporting against expected targets
  • Quickly adapt to changing market conditions
  • Increase management insight
  • Pack smarter, pack faster