Packing Operations for the 2020 harvest

Help for Packing Operations for the 2020 harvest

This year’s harvest is going to face challenges that many countries have never encountered before. The Guardian has today reported a predicted 70,000 shortfall in seasonal workers coming into the UK. Italy, Spain and Australia are already reporting similar problems. Obviously packing houses play a significant role in this journey from field to fork. In light of this news, MARCO are able to offer help to all packing operations for the coming season.

With the current global situation with COVID19, with many borders closed, we recognise the importance of processing and packing these important harvests as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible. MARCO has three versions of our Yield Control Module (YCM) that have been proved to reduce operator numbers by up to 50%. The simple-to-operate system is intuitive and quick to learn, by deskilling the process, the need for long training periods or continuous monitoring of new operators is minimised. In essence it polices the job and allows new team members to be fully effective without delay.

By reducing packing house numbers by up to 50%, it reduces labour costs and efficiencies within the facility and our customers see a return on their investment (ROI) within their first season – but more importantly at the moment, it means that even with a drastically reduced head count, the harvest can still be packed.

10% price reduction for 2020 season

In a genuine attempt to assist, MARCO is offering a 10% price reduction for Yield Control Module orders for the coming season. We are also looking at extend payments terms into the season (subject to status) meaning that you will be able to pay for our solutions as and when you start to receive the revenue for your crop.

Our Sales Engineers are available for Skype meetings to present our Yield Control Module options and how we can help with your 2020 harvest. Find out more about our Yield Control Module – or call +44(0)1732 782 380.