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Supporting the Fresh Produce Industry

Supporting new challenges within the Fresh Produce Industry

Whether it’s supporting our customers during these unprecedented times in the fresh produce industry, providing round-the-clock, round-the-globe technical support or helping more businesses cope with decreased packing labour, the MARCO team is here to help however we can.

For 35 years MARCO has provided solutions for the fresh produce industry to pack goods faster, more accurately and easier. Our customers are working on the front line to deliver vital food resources in these unprecedented times and are relying on our automation systems more than ever.

With the UK lockdown in place, many of our teams are working from home, with our factory still fully manned with essential workers, allowing us to deliver 100% remote support to all of our customers to ensure a continuity of performance. Servicing, troubleshooting and installation of new equipment are all still fully covered by our teams to all of the 45 countries that we operate in. For example, over the course of five days this month, our teams worked round the clock to remotely install brand new packing lines into a facility in Mexico to successfully meet their deadlines, helping them to rapidly adapt to support the changes in consumer demand during the pandemic.

Do you have a skilled labour shortage in your pack house?

It’s not only our existing customers that we are able to assist at this time. With many operations reporting either a shortage of labour for this packing season or a complete absence of skilled labour, our systems are able to reduce the number of packers required by up to 50% and, perhaps more crucially, eliminate the need for experienced workers with our simple-to-operate system. Our Yield Control Module (YCM) deskills the packing process, allowing even inexperienced packing staff can be trained in minutes to pack accurately and quickly.

Our Sales Engineers, who would normally fill their days with site visits and demonstrations around the globe, have now switched to Skype and Zoom and are helping packing operations deal with the specific set of challenges that this season’s harvests are bringing. From calculating the amount of waste our system could save you, estimating the reduction in labour required this season or showing how easy it is for completely inexperienced labour to operate fully using our YCM system, our Sales Engineers can walk you through all of the benefits.

If you are facing new challenges within your business, MARCO has a range of innovative options available for this season and may be able to offer a solution. Please get in touch with one of the team and we will work quickly to help you adapt to the new circumstances we are all facing.

Jonathan Heard : England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Rep. of Ireland

Jose Fernandes Olivia: South America, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Benelux Regions, Switzerland, Kenya & South Africa

Jack Lidiard: California, USA, & Canada

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