MARCO Global 365

MARCO Global 365

MARCO Global 365 covers every single step in the customer journey towards improved productivity

Over the past 35 years MARCO has built up a customer base in 45 different countries, five different continents and multiple different time zones. The one thing that all these essential industries have in common is their accessibility to full MARCO support whenever they need it. Today the vast majority of our contact is done online, safely and effectively, but we still have MARCO expertise stationed around the world for when it is required.

Now, as part of the ATS Group, our reach and expertise has grown to cover almost every corner of the globe. Our Global 365 programme covers:

1. Finding out more about improved productivity

Our team of Sales Engineers currently conduct all their meetings, exploratory calls, presentations and trials online, using Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom. We can demonstrate not only our products and how easy they are to work with but also show in real terms what this will mean to your current business model in terms of increased packing speed, reduced waste, reduced man hours, packing accuracy and freight savings. We also provide an accurate Return on Investment (ROI) forecast based on the information you provide, identifying the time it will take to ‘earn back’ the cost of the system in days and weeks.

2. Installation

Our UK-based designers, engineers and project coordinators have between them installed thousands of systems around the world. We have MARCO experts across the globe who successfully install new projects with the assistance of our remote support team in the UK. Installations are completed quickly, successfully and with full MARCO global support 24-hours a day.

3. Training

To get the most out of any new system, training is crucial to being able to optimise your improvement in productivity. We offer comprehensive online training courses with every project we deliver, in your native language wherever possible. Taking you step-by-step through each part of the process we can show you how to deliver exceptional results from the first day of use. If you have additional questions following the training courses, our trainers can jump on a Skype call with you and answer your queries. Training on software updates to promote continuous improvement is also available.

4. Support

Our team of Field Support Engineers are fully supported remotely by our UK team. We provide round-the-clock support, around the world via our MARCO Hi-Care programme. Our remote team can quickly and efficiently monitor scale performance, perform line refinements, and even perform database repairs without the need for a site visit. If an issue can’t be resolved remotely then we have MARCO Field Support Engineers in five continents who can be on the factory floor quickly to ensure the minimum of disruption to your production continuity.

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