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The essential industries that MARCO have worked with over the past 35 years have faced enormous pressures and changes over recent months. The global pandemic has fundamentally changed the way that everyone in business operates and for some companies this has seen great upheaval.

At MARCO we have been offering online and remote support to our customers for years. Our highly experienced team of engineers, designers and support staff are based in the UK and offer round-the-clock support, 365 days a year.

The MARCO Global 365 programme outlines each step of the customer journey to increased productivity, and each step can be carried out online. It has proven to be a much safer and more efficient way to conduct business and can be much faster than traditional methods.

From the initial inquiry with one of our Sales Engineers, to online meetings and presentations, managing the project, installing the MARCO system, full comprehensive training courses and ongoing support – all can be carried out online. Our regionally-based MARCO Field Engineers will be on-site to oversee the installation under the leadership of our UK-based Support Teams. This eliminates the need for international travel and the current problems associated with the practicalities of crossing borders.

MARCO Global 365 allows us to deliver the very best in continuous productivity improvements to your business in the safest and most efficient way possible.

To find our more about how MARCO can help your business through these challenging times you can read more here or contact one of our Sales Engineers.

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