MARCO LabelMaster II

Introduction of the LabelMaster II

Introduction of the LabelMaster II

To complement our range of products, MARCO have introduced the LabelMaster II, a high-performance adaptable label applicator system using high powered servomotors to provide the highest level of precision labelling.

In addition to improved speed and accuracy, the LabelMaster II comes with fantastic new features including user friendly touch screens with wireless interface that allows for remote support and control.

Key features include:

  • Twin Top Print and Apply Conveyor System
  • High speed 75min/min
  • Label lengths 5mm to 6000mm
  • Full servo control
  • Auto change over function
  • Alternate same label feature to allow high speed application of heavily printed labels.
  • Ability to operate and configure via mobile app.
  • Single button ‘teach’ function.
  • 7” inch touch screen HMI.

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