MARCO intuitive solution for pre-filled punnets

Intuitive solution for pre-filled punnets

MARCO’s latest solution for pre-filled punnets is specifically designed to reduce labour, eradicate product overpack, minimise waste and improve productivity.

Pre-filled punnets are placed onto a Soft Touch Conveyor (STC) that feeds the first inline Checkweigher. Each pre-filled punnet is then weighed on MARCO’s CW150 Checkweigher to determine whether adjustment is required. Punnets meeting specification will continue downstream, with punnets requiring adjustment passing through a diverter to the adjustment workstations. 

The redirected punnets will transfer onto a modular conveyor that delivers the ‘out of tolerance’ packs onto an accumulation STC to the adjustment workstations, where operators will make the required modifications using the simple MARCO Trac-IT YCM ‘one light = one fruit’ system. On completion, the operator will simply slide the adjusted punnet forward onto the modular conveyor to join the infeed to the heat-sealing machine.

Once sealed and labelled, the punnets will pass over a second high precision CW150 Checkweigher and Metal Detector to verify that 100% of punnets are within the specified tolerance before being picked and placed into crates to be processed and palletised by the end-of-line operators.

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