MARCO PunnetMaster

MARCO’s end of line Case Packing Solution

The latest end-of-line case packing solution from MARCO, the PunnetMaster®, has been designed as a highly versatile, simple to use machine that has adopted the latest technology helping improve efficiencies, accuracy, and flexibility across a wide range of packing formats.

Through the automation of the final packing process the PunnetMaster® can quickly and simply reduce labour requirements and the associated costs, resulting in a healthy return on investment (ROI).
Available in both a single and twin lane in-feed, the PunnetMaster® can be adapted to suit specific top sealed punnets and trays with the process capability of 20 cycles per minute (up to 140 punnets per minute).
Vision System – The PunnetMaster® can be fitted with validation cameras as an option. These are positioned on the in-feed to catch any irregularities on the top sealed punnets prior to being packed and on the out-feed ensuring 100% of finished cases are packed correctly and consistently, ready for transport.

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